Apply to Join Us

We welcome all who wish to work with us.  In order to work with us, there is an application process and a probationary period. 


The application process serves two important purposes:

  1. it helps us to understand if you have the background, interests, and training that would make you a good candidate to work with us;
  2. it gives you a chance to learn about our society and our work so you can see if we are a good fit for you.

Working with a metaphysical society is not like joining a club.  We take our work seriously and apply ourselves with dedication; we apply the same high standards to all of our members.  When you join the society, you are adopting a family.  This is a family that you will be very close with for many, many years.  We expect our members to stay with the society for decades, not months or years. It is therefore very important that we both figure out whether we are a good fit for each other.  Thus, the probationary period.  During the probationary period, you can attend our events, meet us face to face, and get a taste of what it would be like to adopt us as your spiritual family.

The Probationary Period

The probationary period lasts a minimum of 4 months; note this is a minimum amount of time and may be extended if needed.  During the probationary period, you will have the opportunity to attend our events, work with us, study with us, and join in our community.  During this period of time, there are some restrictions on your participation; these will be explained to you in more detail during the interview.  You are responsible for paying some, but not all, of the fees that a full society member would contribute.  All of this will be explained to you in more detail during the interview.  There will be ample opportunity for us to address any of your questions.

The Application Process

If you are still interested, the next steps are:

  1. Register for a user account on this web site.
  2. You will immediately get an e-mail from us with a link in it.  Click on the link to prove you are a real human being and not a spam bot!   (If you do not get an e-mail within 10 minutes please check your spam folder.  They are sent very quickly.)
  3. Fill out an application form to join the Society.
  4. We will contact you to arrange an interview conducted over skype.
  5. If you pass the interview, then we will invite you to a probationary period.