About Us

Founding and Lineage

The founder of our society was initiated into the highest grade of magickal practice in the Solomonic tradition in 2012 after many decades of metaphysical study.

Our physical lineage can be traced back from the founder of our society, through the Golden Dawn in England, and all the way back to King Salomon himself.


Some of the concepts that have guided the creation of our society include:

1. That learning new tools, techniques, rituals, etc. is less valuable than mastery of existing knowledge.  Put another way: a carpenter does not become a master carpenter by buying a new drill at Home Depot every month.  A carpenter becomes a master carpenter by buying a small number of tools and becoming incredibly proficient in their use by dint of practice and experience.  We are spiritual carpenters; as a society we focus on supporting our members to actually grow spiritually rather than gathering drills that get put on a shelf and have little value other than propping up the ego.

2. That the most vital mechanisms for promoting true spiritual growth are: meditation, ritual, and service.  Meditation brings the seeker into contact with their Higher Self, their Greater Being.  Meditation helps the spiritual seeker to gradually reduce attachment to the body and all of its phenomena, and instead attach their sense of self to their timeless spiritual essence.  This is vital for all higher magickal operations.  Ritual helps build spiritual muscle, elevates vibration, and opens doorways to higher magickal realms and to contact with beings of higher vibration.  And service provides the spiritual jet fuel that provides the power needed to achieve spiritual liftoff.  

3. That the work of the lineage of Solomon, as passed down to our teacher from his teacher, is the best, fastest, most powerful way to serve the world and is a vital part of keeping Light on the planet.

4. That we do not need to become financial slaves to partake of these fruits.  And, on the other hand, that a fulsome energy exchange that includes financial exchange and service to the community is a very important and vital part of ensuring that we can receive the fruits of this work.  The more we give, the more we will receive; yet to give beyond our means is unwelcome, for over time it pushes us into a kind of financial slavery that ultimately destroys our ability to serve the Light.

5. That our community is one of our greatest assets.  Individually we can each serve the Light.  But as a group, unified, together, and committed to common purpose, we are exponentially greater.  Our ritual is more powerful.  Our service is more profound.  Our community is one of our greatest assets, and we nurture it and support each other as brothers and sisters together.

The structure of how we conduct the work

We hold some events where we gather together in person and other events where we work together by using online technology to come together in a virtual forum.

Typically we meet online 1-2 times per month, and we hold temples every few months in person.